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01 July 2010 @ 06:19 pm
[oo1-o46] 4minute icons

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29 June 2010 @ 10:19 pm
[oo1-o32] 4minute

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27 June 2010 @ 08:37 pm
[oo1-o79] HyunA icons
[o80-o83] HyunA quotes

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12 November 2009 @ 02:46 pm
[001-018] T-ara&Supernova - TTL (Time To Love) MV animated icons
[001-006] T-ara Apple CF animated icons
[001-009] IU - Marshmallow MV animated icons
[001-021] f(x) - La Cha Ta MV animated icons
[001-003] Secret wallpapers
[001-003] Kim Hyun Ah(4Minute) wallpapers

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31 August 2009 @ 03:44 pm
[001-018] 4Minute - Muzik mv teaser animations
[019-027] f(x) - Lachata mv teaser animations
[001-014] Soul/Hon icons
+ two bigger Soul/Hon animated icons

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26 August 2009 @ 02:55 pm

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Album: My Fair Lady OST (아가씨를 부탁해 OST)
Artist: Davichi, Yoon Eun Hye, Na Yoon Kwon, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Jae Wook,V.A.
Release: 2009.08.19
Language: Korean
Genre: O.S.T.
Size: 35mb
Download:  HERE
Songs list:

01 Hot Stuff by Davichi
02 사랑은 어쩔 수 없네요 by Yoon Sang Hyun
03 Dash Girl by Yoon Eun Hye
04 마음을 부탁해 by Jung Jae Wook
05 내 사랑을 부탁해 by Na Yoon Kwon
06 Lady (스윙) by V.A.
07 숨겨진 이야기 by V.A.
08 아가씨를 부탁해 (탱고) by V.A.
09 Hot Stuff (Inst.) by Davichi
10 사랑은 어쩔 수 없네요 (Inst.) by Yoon Sang Hyun
Dash Girl (Inst.) by Yoon Eun Hye
마음을 부탁해 (Inst.) by Jung Jae Wook
내 사랑을 부탁해 (Inst.) by Na Yoon Kwon

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Soul (혼 / Hon)
episode three
subtitles added

Also Known As:  혼 / Soul / Hon
Genre: Drama / Fear
Director: Kang Dae-seon (강대선), Kim Sang-ho I (김상호)
Starring: Lee Seo-jin, Lim Joo-eun, Lee Jin, Park Geon-il, Jiyeon, Kim Kap-soo
Purchase: -

Synopsis: Ha Na and Doo Na were twin sisters who were very close to each other until Doo Na died a terrible death. One day, the usually bright and energetic Ha Na finds herself changing. She has superhuman strength and can do things that nobody can. Ha Na realizes that Doo Na’s spirit has inhabited her body.

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18 August 2009 @ 03:16 pm

Album Title: Once Again
Artist: 1Sagain (원써겐)
Release date:

01 부칠수 없는 편지 (Intro)
02 이별후애 (Original Version) Feat. 주보라
03 마이크 - Feat. STi
04 My Love - Feat.주보라
05 Friends & Lovers
06 Love Me - Feat.주보라
07 Hey! (Interlude)
08 Miss Fantastic Feat. 주보라, Carry Diamond
09 I'm Falling (Interlude)
10 Fall In Love - feat.주보라
11 사랑은 떠났어 - feat.주보라
12 내 사랑의 봄날
13 감사 (Outro)

Download under the cut.
+ Kim Jung-Hwa pictures from MV filming.
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