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25 July 2010 @ 10:23 pm
Title: Picture Perfect
Author: justina_d 
Warning:  Girls kissing? xD
Disclaimer: I own just my super crazy mind and nothing else, neither 4minute(hyuna), neither g.na, but I wish I did.
HyunA just had to spill her heart out and tell what she feels.

Hello everyone!
This is my VERY FIRST fanfic EVER! So please don't be very mean XDD Or you can if you feel so XDD
I wanted to write fanfic like this for years, but actually no couple just made me actually write it, until now that is XDD
I loved HyunA/G.NA together ever since I saw that old HyunA and Gina photo, which was years ago and yesterday when I saw HyunA performing rap for Gina's song I just HAD TOO, OK?! LOL
So here it is ^ ^ Please enjoy! kekeke


HyunA’s POV
“Unnie, don’t worry you will do great! And I am here to help you out” I said as I flashed her a warm smile.
“I am not worried…”I looked at her with I know smile titling my head to the side.
“I am not! REALLY!” Gina said as she held her hands defensively.
“Unnie, don’t lie I see your whole body shaking” I wore worried expression.
“I am? Oh…I guess I am..” She started thinking.
“Unnie, you're great! You sound jjang live and you're very pretty…You have so much fans already, they love you! You’re always great and do very well!” I said as I started rubbing her shoulders and smiling. “Well there was one time when…”
“HEY!” Unnie shouted as she hit my arm.
“Ouch! Unnie! No hitting” I said as I pouted.
“HyunA stop whinning…” She said with serious expression.
“I AM NOT! And besides everyone loves my whinning, including you…kekeke” I said while giggling.
“Ok you win this time” Gina unnie said as she wore defeated expression.
“YEY~!” I continued giggling.
“GINA YOUR TIME’S UP!” Suddenly manager shouted. I felt Unnie get even more nervous from those word.
“Unnie calm down, I’m here for you! FIGHTING!” I said holding my hand high and giving her warm hug. I wanted this hug to last forever. She hugged me back with as much warm as me and turned around after.
Gina’s POV
I stepped onto the stage and waited for music to start playing. I was so nervous, my whole body was shaking. I always feel this way when I go on stage. But I love it. I feel great after performance. And hearing fanchants makes me calm down and wanna cry. I’m so thankful.
As I the music started playing I started to sing.
HyunA’s POV
I watched unnie perform with such a…force and also with such warmness at the same time, no matter how many times I saw her perform I’m always amazed like seeing it for the first time. How can such a person have such a talent, such a beauty…
“HyunA GO GO GO~~” Manager oppa said as he pushed me a bit.
As I stepped on the stage, I felt Unnies nerviness. I myself got nervous. Not as much as when I performed alone CHANGE and not as little as when I perform with 4minute. It’s whole new feeling. I am not alone and not with my bandmates.
As I started walking closer I wanted to do something to give unnie some strength and my body started moving on it’s own. Without thinking I took her hand and turned around to look at her. She’s so beautiful. I saw surprise in her eyes and thankfulness and love. No matter how much nervous she is she still loved this stage. I smiled at her as showing my support I started walking but still holding her hand, slowly it started slipping away from me. I didn’t want to take my eyes from her…
As I walked to the center of the stage I started rapping.
“온몸이 떨려와
세상이 다멈췄나봐
너와의 시간들이
한순간 머리에 스쳐가
Ah Ah 아무런
말도 떠오르지 않아
Ah Ah 아직은
As I finished I started walking off, without looking back at unnie, because I knew if I did look back I wouldn‘t want to leave. I felt my heart thumbing, my body trembling...
As I walked off I turned around to look and unnie, it seemed like she was following me a bit, then turned around and continued performing. It just takes my breath away how amzing she is.
I looked at her and started sobbing, not crying, just sobbing. I was so happy for unnie.
As the song finished unnie stood in one place as if enjoying that moment. I couldn‘t stand here anymore and ran up to her on the stage. I hugged her and whispered
„You were so awesome unnie *sob*” I said as I continued sobbing.
“Hey baby girl, are you crying..?” Unnie asked with motherly tone. For some reason I hated that tone.
“I-I am…I’m just…amazed and…a-and happy for…y-you” I said as I buried my head into her shoulder.
“Hey~come with me~” Unnie said as she dragged me off stage. “You know..I am the one who should be crying right now, not you” Unnie said and laughed.
“I-I’m sorry…” I sobbed. I said as I released the hug.
“Don’t worry it’s ok, come here” She smiled as she took me in her arms again.
I was feeling so happy in unnie’s arms, I never felt this way, my heart was beating fast, I can almost hear it and wondered if unnie hears it too.So happy to hug this beautiful woman, feel her breath on my hair and her chin on my head, while stroking my hair. Why did it have to be DooJoon with her in the music video!? I wanted to be there! They looked so close I felt angry and…jealous…wait…jealous? Jealous?! JEALOUS?!!? No… No… What to do what to do???? I felt unnie pulling away, did she feel something went wrong? Oh no oh no…
I looked at her with panicked expression.
“Hey HyunA are you ok? You look shoked…” Again that motherly tone. Aish…
“Yes, yes, totally fine” I tried to smile.
“HyunA you know…I know you for years now and I can actually tell when your lying.” Unnie said with worried expression. Oh no oh no, I’m cought.
“Unnie…” I started.
“Yes?” She asked as she leaned it a bit.
“C-Can we go…somewhere? So we would be…alone…I have something to…say” I started shuddering.
“Oh year sure, let’s go to the dressing room.” Unnie said as she took my hand and lead me to the dressing room.
As we entered I let go of unnies hand and went to sit down on the sofa. She closed the door and looked at me, her eyes slowly following me as if analyzing me.
“Unnie can..can you…lock the..door?” She looked surprised but did as I asked.
“HyunA don’t worry me like that, what’s wrong? What’s on your mind?” She asked as she kneeled down infront of me and our heads were on the same level. I kept my head low, just couln‘t look up I knew if I did I might do something stupid, like actually give her a bobo. I felt her hand on my chin and slowly lifting my head.
„HyunA-ya...Tell me...“ She was looking straight into my eyes. I couln‘t look away. And my body acted on it‘s own. Slowly I closed my eyes and leaned in. I felt her breath on my face and that only made me want to kiss unnie even more. As I closed the distance and felt unnie‘s lips on mines, we were barely touching. But I felt like my heart is about to burst out of my chest. As I leaned back, with my eyes still closed, I couldn‘t bare to look at her and see discusted expression. Now I felt hot tears on my cheeks.
„HyunA-ya~“ Her tone was so warm and silent. „HyunA~ open your eyes“ She said as she took my both hands into hers. I didn‘t want to, I didn‘t want this moment to end and avoid unnie for the rest of my life.
„HyunA what was that?“ Unnie asked with unreadable expression.
„Nothing unnie...N-Nothing“ I panicked. „Pretend it never happened“ I was crying again. I started standing up.
„HyunA-ya...“ She said as she gently pushed me to the sofa again. „Talk to me“
„Unnie...I-I like...y-you“ My tears kept rowling down my cheeks, Gina slowly brought her hands to my cheeks and wiped them away.
„HyunA you're young, you don‘t know what you're feeling, you will get over it soon and meet a nice guy who will love you“ She said with a warm smile.
„Unnie, I don‘t want to...I like you...I really do...I liked you since the moment I saw you step into our practise room. You looked so beautiful, I couldn‘t take my eyes away from you. You remember when our dance instructor kept telling me consentrate and I couldn‘t, because my eyes and heart just went back to you“ I was crying again as I spilled my heart out. And then between us fell silence. I lowered my head again and continued sobbing. I don‘t know how long this silence was in the air but it felt like enternity. Then unnie again lifted my chin and looked at me with amazement in her eyes.
„I didn‘t...I didn‘t know...I didn‘t notice..I didn‘t...notice how you felt. I‘m sorry. I should have noticed and stopped it right there.“ My heart went from it‘s original place to my soles.
„NO! Unnie, don‘t say that! Don‘t you like me at all? Atleast a little bit?“ My heart will jump from my chest and run away.And then again silence fell between us, this silence was killing me.
„I-I...I do..HyunA-ya“ Ok now my heart jumped back to my chest, I looked up with burning eyes and cheeks.
„W-What?“ My whole body was burning.
„I said I do...HyunA-ya...It‘s just that you're too young and I can‘t do it“ Unnie said and looked like she will cry too. „I can‘t...“
„Yes you can! Unnie please! Just give me a chance! PLEASE~! And I am growing! I will get my nose pearced to show that I am growing! Before I was joking but I really will if you want me too!!“ I whinned. Unnie laughed and stroke my cheek.
„OK..“ She smilled. I felt shocked that I talked her into it so...easily. My eyes got big and I stared at her. And she just messed with my hair.
„Ok? OK?! OK?!?!“ I jumped on her and hugged her over her neck and unnie fell on her back with me on top. We were lieing on the cold ground and staring at each other.
„You know..“Gina started.“You took my first kiss“ I started at her I couldn‘t even say anything. After while, gathering peaces of my brain I started.
„Really?! You mean no one kissed you?! No guy tried to kiss you?!“ I screamed. She laughed and brought her hands to my face, squeezing my cheeks.
„Nope, you're the first brave one and the only one I didn‘t mind doing it“ I think some peaces of my body fell off.
„Unnie...Can I be your 2nd kiss and 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th...“ We both laughed and unnie pushed my head to her shoulder. And we stayed like this for a while and I just waited for her answer.
„Yes“ Unnie said and my head shot up like a bullet from her shoulder. I stared at her beautiful eyes. And slowly started leaning in. I saw unnie closing her eyes and I giggled. „Unnie...you want it too!!“
„Shut up and kiss me babo-ya!“ Unnie said, but still keeping her eyes closed.
„Yes Ma‘am!“ I leaned in again and kissed her. My bottom lip between her lips and her upper lip between my lips. We didn‘t move just stayed like this. As we finally pulled away, looked at each other and laughed.
„HyunA-ya could you get off me? I‘m feeling kinda cold from the cold floor“ Gina said as she started moving.
„Oh yeah sure, sorry!“ I quickly jumped off.
As we stood up smiled again and linked arms.
„You know this wont be easy road ahead of us“ Unnie said as she looked at me seriously.
„I know...Unnie...But, I am ready“ I looked back at her and squeezed her hand. She smilled, I smilled and we walk out of the door.

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justina_djustina_d on August 2nd, 2010 11:16 pm (UTC)
yep it's my first baby xD then I guess I should write more xD with that gif I thought readers should have an idea xDD imagination works better then xD
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